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sunflower mini sessions family portrait soul shine photography 5805

Sunflower Mini Sessions at Babbette’s Seeds of Hope

“Smile like a sunflower!” We are amazed at how many beautiful families we met during our first ever Sunflower Mini Sessions!Ā  We all shared a delightful time laughing in the sunshine. Thank you for sharing your beauty and love with us everyone!Ā  šŸ„°šŸ“øšŸŒ»šŸ’šā˜€ļø

buskes family portraits soul shine photography eau claire 4181

Beautiful Buske Blooms – Sunflower Family Photo Shoot

We found a few extra beautiful blooms in the sunflower field!. We were delighted to have the Buskes join us for a sunflower photo shoot! šŸŒ»ā˜€ļøšŸŒæšŸ“øšŸ˜Ā  They are close friends of ours and we were more than happy to take their family portraits in the lovely sunflowers. Isaiah, our son, even made it in their family photo shoot at the end, as Ilana and him have an extra special bond!

audrey reiki healer portrait photographer soul shine photography eau claire 3

Audrey the Reiki Master, Teacher & Sound Healer

We had fun meeting Audrey and taking her portraits. She brought some incredible energy as well as healing tools & instruments šŸ„šŸŽ¼ We even had the pleasure of hearing her play her drum and her flute during a few of the shots. She also brought along her singing pyramid (which we’ve never heard of before) and her tuning forks. It’s amazing how healing comes in so many forms! It is our intention that these photos will help Audrey to heal people šŸ’š

jisarah family portrait newborn photographer in eau claire soul shine photography 0765

Precious Baby Henry & His Beautiful Family

A baby is born & so is a Mommy & Daddy! Henry is so precious and adorable. They are all glowing with love! It was a joy to photograph them and meet their new baby. Seeing Jisarah and Nate and taking their portraits takes me back to when my son was 2 months old. Since babies tend to grow up way too fast I’m so glad we could capture these precious moments when Henry is still so fresh and new. I hope Jisarah and Nate will look back at these photos for years to come and be reminded of how much love they have for each other ā¤ļø

alissa family portrait photographer in eau claire soul shine photography 9296

Alissa & Her Beautiful Family

It was wonderful meeting this sweet and beautiful family and taking their portraits ā¤ļø They are super sweet, incredibly goofy, and full of love! They were so fun to play with and we appreciated how they were open to trying some unique poses. We love how these photos turned out and are so excited for their growing family! We hope Alissa and her wonderful family will look back on these photos and be reminded of how much love they all have for each other. We love photographing a family with so much love!

josie family portrait photographer in eau claire soul shine photography 9532

Sweet Josie & Her Beautiful Family

It brings me joy to think about Josie, Jen and Ross looking back at these photos and being reminded of all the love they have for each other ā¤ļø We are so excited to be back at helping people see how beautiful they are! During our first photo shoot since reopening, we had a wonderful time with sweet little Josie and her beautiful family.Ā  I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow and seeing her change alongside my own son. And now, Iā€™m so excited for all of them as their family is growing! Josie will be an amazing big sister. So many blessings to Jen, Ross, Josie and their baby on the way šŸ‘¶šŸ“øšŸŒ³šŸŒ¼šŸ’¦

Bleeding Heart

Blooming Beauties in Eau Claire, WI

During quarantine, as I have not been doing photo shoots with people, I have been taking the opportunity to photograph all the incredible beauty of plants. This time of year is full of life that is waking up. There are so many different kinds of flowers and they all bring their own unique energy and blessings. I’ve been appreciating and learning so much about flowers, including what’s native and what’s edible. And of course along with plants come tiny friends. Of course I included some of them too. Enjoy šŸ™‚


christos gina couples engagement portrait soul shine photography 0661

Christos & Gina’s 3 Year Anniversary

This photo session was about celebrating Christos & Gina’s relationship of 3 years! We had a blast taking their photos and loved their goofy vibes. We are so happy that they found each other & are excited to watch them blossom together. (2020 update: They recently got engaged to be wed next year!) Christos is our good friend from way back in the day. Blessings on them both as they play, grow and shine together!

jill and mike wedding costa rica beautiful soul shine photography 2

I shot my first wedding in Jaco, Costa Rica during the time we were living there (back in 2012). Jill & Mike had an absolutely beautiful wedding in a dreamy place. I was so honored that they chose me to photograph their special day. We didn’t know each other at all. Our friend handed them our business card in a restaurant shortly before they would be getting married. As you can tell by the photos, they have so much love for each other! I was so glad to have a good camera for this shoot. Not too long before their wedding, we were traveling around Costa Rica on the bus. And one day, while we were asleep on the bus, our backpack with our good canon cameras got stolen! We were so shocked and upset that this happened. So we came up with the idea of ordering a new camera to be sent to my mom, who was coming to visit just before their wedding. She arrived with the camera the day before their wedding. So I had to quickly learn about this new camera right before Jill & Mike’s big day! I was so nervous and yet so happy that I was able to use a good quality camera to capture their special day.