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Josie & Her Beautiful Growing Family

I deeply enjoyed creating beautiful portraits of this lovely family! The sun even came out and warmed us up a great deal ☀️ We’re so excited to meet Josie’s little sister next year 👶💗 So many blessings on their growing family!

alissa family portrait photographer in eau claire soul shine photography 9296

Alissa & Her Beautiful Family

It was wonderful meeting this sweet and beautiful family and taking their portraits ❤️ They are super sweet, incredibly goofy, and full of love! They were so fun to play with and we appreciated how they were open to trying some unique poses. We love how these photos turned out and are so excited for their growing family! We hope Alissa and her wonderful family will look back on these photos and be reminded of how much love they all have for each other. We love photographing a family with so much love!

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Amber & Daniel’s Maternity Portrait Photography Session in Eau Claire

Gena: We’re excited to help Amber and Daniel see themselves in a new light: as new parents. We understand the anticipation of a new baby. It’s an amazing feeling to hear the heartbeat for the first time and then to feel his kicking. Talk about miraculous!

Micah: When Isaiah was still inside of Gena’s belly, I could sense a connection and I felt like I knew him to a certain extent. It’s interesting to have such an intimate relationship with someone who’s face you do not know. It’s easy to overlook the time of pregnancy as a necessary inconvenience of having a child. Pregnancy is a time to be enjoyed!

Gena: A seed of love has been planted in Amber. “All the magic of creation exists within one tiny seed” -Fern Gully.