Portrait Pricing

We believe that everyone deserves this mind-expanding and heart-opening experience. That is why we offer our portrait sessions on a sliding scale. We are focused on connecting with YOU 🙂 Pay the amount that makes you feel excited, abundant, and joyful.
If the scale doesn’t fit your budget, let’s talk! We are happy to barter, or arrange some other energy exchange.

The Peace Session $60-$180

Includes a 45 minute session, post-processing, 2-4 unique poses and a set of 10-20 high-resolution images.

The Joy Session $90-$270

Includes a 90 minute session, post-processing, 4-7 unique poses and a set of 20-30 high-resolution images.

The Love Session $150-$450

Includes a 3 hour session, post-processing, 10-15 unique poses, and a set of 40-60 high-resolution images.

Both Micah and Genevieve will be at your session.  We have a number of favorite locations to offer, or we’re always excited to check out your favorite place.

Contact us to book your session.


For sessions outside the Chippewa Valley, we ask that you help cover our travel expenses at $0.50/mile