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Holly’s Portrait Session in Madison

Gena: We were so excited to do our second portrait shoot with Holly after 6 years. The day could not have been more perfect. The sky was a crisp blue with a toasty warm sun.

Micah: We made the 3-hour drive from Eau Claire to Madison the night before so we were well-rested and ready to take full advantage of the morning light. Fortunately my dad, stepmom and her stepfather were able to take care of our son while we did the shoot.

Gena: We saw a sandhill crane fly over the lake on our way up so we knew it was going to be a great shoot. It was so fun to collaborate again and make beautiful portraits. Holly is super gorgeous as you can see and she is also so fun, creative and chill to be with. I love her enthusiasm for making stunning images and I’m already super stoked to hang out with her and/or do another photo shoot!

Micah: It’s always our goal as Soul Shine Photography for the client to see themselves in a new light. What we didn’t expect was to see our home, Wisconsin, in a new light. As we watched the warm sun dancing on the lake from on top of the Monona Terrace, I felt more like we were in the Mediterranean on a cruise ship. I don’t normally think of Wisconsin as being airy and expansive. But of course when we use labels to define experiences, we are attempting to limit the unlimited and reality will always transcend the tiny box we try to stuff it into. And it’s always such a wonderful sacred experience when we realize that the universe is beyond our little concepts.