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Photographing Buddhist Monks at UW Eau Claire

Gena: When we heard that there was going to be Buddhist monks performing a powerful spiritual ceremony right here in in the Chippewa Valley we got super excited and knew we had to go check it out!

Micah: We had a busy weekend planned, so we felt hurried and anxious, certainly lacking mindfulness, but also occasionally aware of this unconscious state. The irony did not escape me as I hurriedly ate lunch before going to the UW Eau Claire Davies Center.

Gena: How remarkable it is that these monks spent days working so intensely on the tiny details of this sand mandala and then wiped it away in a moment before our eyes.

Micah: Every Thing that exists in time and space is temporary. Everything is constantly changing into something else. Even the Mona Lisa will turn to dust one day.

Gena: We’re really happy we went because the monks brought everyone into the present moment with their ancient chanting. It sounded otherworldly.

Micah: While I was extremely attached to having a far out, spiritual experience, I was satisfied to simply soak up the vibes, snag some great photos, and we finally purchased an authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl from the monks.

Micah: We’re grateful to have the opportunity to visually document this ceremony so that others may experience it through our photography. Please enjoy!

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