jill and mike wedding costa rica beautiful soul shine photography 2

I shot my first wedding in Jaco, Costa Rica during the time we were living there (back in 2012). Jill & Mike had an absolutely beautiful wedding in a dreamy place. I was so honored that they chose me to photograph their special day. We didn’t know each other at all. Our friend handed them our business card in a restaurant shortly before they would be getting married. As you can tell by the photos, they have so much love for each other! I was so glad to have a good camera for this shoot. Not too long before their wedding, we were traveling around Costa Rica on the bus. And one day, while we were asleep on the bus, our backpack with our good canon cameras got stolen! We were so shocked and upset that this happened. So we came up with the idea of ordering a new camera to be sent to my mom, who was coming to visit just before their wedding. She arrived with the camera the day before their wedding. So I had to quickly learn about this new camera right before Jill & Mike’s big day! I was so nervous and yet so happy that I was able to use a good quality camera to capture their special day.